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Advice to test takers

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Advice to test takers

This section is for people who have been asked to take psychometric tests as part of a selection process or as part of their personal development.

Why you have been asked to take tests?

If you have applied for a job, the results will help your prospective employer decide how well you are likely to fit in the job and the company. Using psychometric tests means that there is a level playing field and that your job application isn’t relying solely on your performance at interview.

If you are asked to take tests as part of training, coaching or team building, the results will give you a unique opportunity to know yourself better, understand your strengths and make plans for your development.

Here are some general guidelines to help you.

Personality Tests

If you have been asked to take an online personality test, you will receive an email from us with full instructions. When you’re ready to take the test, find a quiet space, away from distractions where you can complete the test without interruptions. The results of personality tests describe what you are like as a person. There are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ personalities so you can’t fail a personality test. Try to answer all the questions in a way that is true for you, rather than thinking about what people are looking for in the results. Although you won’t be under time pressure, it’s better to answer the questions spontaneously rather than worrying about each one for a long time.

Ability Tests

If you have been asked to attend a test session to take some ability tests, we’ll tell you where and when to turn up. Try to get there in good time so you don’t feel rushed. It’s helpful to get a good night’s sleep before taking ability tests so you feel you can do your best. You may be asked to take verbal, numerical or abstract ability tests. These tests are timed and you will be supervised. Your aim is to answer as many questions correctly as you can. Don’t worry if you are faced with a question that you can’t answer – either take your best guess or leave it and move on to the next one. Most people find these tests difficult so don’t be put off if they seem hard.

Top tips for everyone taking psychometric tests –

    Find 'Prepare for tests at interview for graduates and Managers' at
  • Many people find it helpful to have a go at some practice questions. We recommend ‘Prepare for tests at interview for graduates and Managers’ by Robert Williams. Find the book here on
  • Pay careful attention to the instructions carefully so you know what you have to do
  • If you are unsure about anything, ask us before you start the tests
  • Tiredness or jetlag can affect test results, so try to minimise travelling just before your tests and get a good night’s sleep
  • If you wear reading glasses, remember to take them to the test session
  • If you have a visual or physical impairment or there is anything else that might affect your test results, call us before your test session so we can make appropriate arrangements for you


For online personality tests:


  • Find a quiet and uninterrupted space to do them
  • Allow enough time - we will tell you how long the test is likely to take
  • Answer the questions in a way that is true for you
  • Don’t try to second guess what you think we’re looking for – you will only succeed in representing yourself inaccurately
  • If in doubt, ask. We offer a test takers help desk for all online tests, both during and out of office hours
    During office hours call 01271 866130
    Out of office hours and over the weekend call 07887 990674


For ability tests:


  • Listen carefully to instructions
  • Do your best but don’t worry about having to get everything right
  • If you’re faced with a question you can’t answer, either make a best guess or move on to the next one
  • These tests are difficult for everyone – don’t be put off if you find them hard



All test takers have the opportunity to talk about their results with an Occupational Psychologist. Whether you think you’ve done well or not, you can learn from the results. Give us a call on 01271 866130 to arrange an appointment for your feedback.