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Changes to BPS test qualifications

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Changes to BPS test qualifications

Access to all well researched psychometrics is controlled so that tests can only be purchased and used by training registered users. This training is managed through the British Psychological Society’s programme of test qualifications. Organisations have to decide whether to train their own in-house staff or outsource test purchasing and administration to a trained test provider. These qualifications have been changed. There are four levels of qualification for test users in an occupational setting:

  • Assistant test user (previously called the test administration certificate) – this enables individuals to administer tests under the supervision of an Occupational Psychologist who is registered in their use.
  • Test user (ability) (previously called Level A) – this enables individuals to purchase, administer and interpret ability tests from any publisher.
  • Test user (personality) (previously called Level B and B+) – this enables individuals to purchase, administer and interpret one or more personality assessments in which they have trained.
  • Specialist in test use (previously called Full Level B) – this is a qualification for individuals who want to be able to use a wide range of personality assessments.

Individuals hold these qualifications, not the organisation. Trained test users need to keep log books of test use to prove on-going competence. Trained test users appear on the Register of Qualifications in Test Use (known as the RQTU). Anyone can check that a specialist test supplier is registered and suitably qualified by looking at and clicking on ‘The Register’.