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GKN Aerospace puts apprentice candidates through their paces

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GKN Aerospace puts apprentice candidates through their paces

When GKN Aerospace recently selected candidates for their Higher Apprentice programme, they needed to understand their verbal and numerical ability, as well as their potential for a highly practical engineering apprenticeship. Chromis tested short-listed candidates with SHL’s numerical, verbal and mechanical comprehension test, part of the Verify suite of reasoning assessments. The results were used in conjunction with data from an assessment centre and enabled GKN Aerospace to make confident offers to the six best candidates. Judith Sparks, Training and Development Manager said “The wash up worked well and the psychometric tests really helped in the decision making process. Feedback from the engineering guys on the process has been really positive and they loved having the test results as an additional piece of information. Interestingly, all the offers we are making were to the candidates who scored highest in their numerical and mechanical tests”. Ability tests are a strong predictor of success in many roles. You can easily incorporate psychometric assessment into your apprentice recruitment programme without a large investment. Give us a call on 01271 866130 and find out how.