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GKN Aerospace puts apprentice candidates through their paces

Changes to BPS test qualifications

Why use a psychologist?

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Psychometric Assessment

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How do you develop more effective leaders?

When it comes to leadership, here are some things to think about -

  • 80% of people leave their manager rather than their organisation
  • When good leadership prevails, organisations and people prosper. Bad leadership is almost always accompanied by disasters
  • 2/3 of people currently in leadership positions will fail because of their inability to build or maintain a team
  • There are certain things that people want to see in leaders, such as integrity, decisiveness and vision. If leaders lack them, they’ll find it hard to build credibility

Are your leaders in good shape to lead your business?

We work with businesses who want to develop the leadership talent in their organizations. We design development programmes for individuals and groups. For individuals we design coaching programmes based on 360 degree feedback and individual assessment, giving them unique and powerful insights into their abilities, talent and potential. For businesses where there is large scale change and leadership style has to adjust to it, we design Development Centres. These enable managers to better understand their strengths and how to enhance their contribution to the organization.

Talk to us when –

  • Business is changing fast and leaders need to change pace or direction
  • You are undergoing a merger
  • You want to drive leadership values through the organisation