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How do you select the right Graduates?

There are three issues facing graduate recruiters today.

  1. By 2010 the Government is projecting that 50% of under 21’s will receive a University education. Of the class of 2007, 61% received a first or a 2:1. With so many graduates, so many good degrees and little work experience, how do you decide who is right for you?
  2. Employers say that these academically proficient graduates often lack in skills such as communication, team working and even verbal and numerical reasoning. How do you ensure that graduates are good enough for your business?
  3. You will probably turn down 85% of graduates that apply to you. Research shows that unless they have a good impression of your selection process, they will never buy your goods or services. How do you ensure that all graduate applicants get a good impression of you, even if you say no?

We work with businesses that recruit graduates and have a problem deciding from hundreds of graduate applications, which ones are right for them. We design screening and assessment processes that test each applicant’s ability, fit, potential and aspirations. This gives the business all the evidence they need to select the best candidates for them. This means that their graduate trainees are more likely to –

  • Fit their organisational culture
  • Be effective more quickly
  • Provide a faster return on investment
  • Stay with the organisation longer

Talk to us if –

  • You need a better way of screening large numbers of applicants
  • You need a better way of assessing candidates
  • You’d like to set up a graduate assessment centre to run in-house

We’ll help you make more confident and consistent selection decisions.